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Creative Time and Panasonic are proud to present Günther Selichar: Who’s Afraid of Blue, Red, and Green?, an online competition and public art project based on the elementary visual building blocks of digital display screens. From January 21 – March 31, 2004 (in cooperation with the Landesmuseum in Linz, Austria), Selichar invites participants to design an animation comprised of 15 vertical compositions in blue, red, and green. Three winning entries will be chosen by a jury, which includes: the artist; Peter Halley, artist; Carl Goodman, Curator of Digital Media at the American Museum of the Moving Image; Erwin Redl, artist; Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Director, Austrian Cultural Forum; Barbara Pollack, Writer and Artist; Yvonne Force, Curator and Producer; Anne Pasternak, Executive Director, Creative Time; Benjamin Weil, Curator; and Justin Camerlengo and Sarah Jacobo, Panasonic, and will be featured on at the last minute of every hour on the NBC Astrovision by Panasonic as part of the next installment of The 59th Minute: Video Art on the Times Square Astrovision.

Drawing upon Barnet Newman’s abstract expressionist "zip paintings" from the 1960s, Selichar enables participants to create their own digital animations in blue, red, and green, the three pixel colors that enliven our video, computer, and television screens. By asking participants to create their own animations, Selichar draws our attention to the pervasiveness of screens in our daily life and the complexities that underlie them.