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The following are the top 40 entries (appearing in no specific order):

the green party explosion / by chavo

/ by m

||||||||| ||||| ||| | | |||| ||||| ||||||||| / by monia

What's happiness? Calling into the night und being answered... / by Anne Wolfius

A tribute to Georg Kreisler (and his unique two aunts dancing around midnight) / by Anne Wolfius

...and if you can't be good be careful! / by Anne Wolfius

event / 489 / by pintor

Peter - write some music, some music for us... / by Anne Wolfius

BlueGreenRed, BlueGreenRed - whose eyes will not go mad? / by Anne Wolfius

Out of the blue / by Antonia

brg / by atomicelroy

Shy Try / by Helena

Logical path / by troy

how many? / by mj

frame / by just

for günther / by o.s.

Optical Compensation / by chiapa

escape / by dxvitarelli

zip zip / by susan rotilie

clash / by ali messaoudi

I am afraid of red (not blue or green though, just red) / by Justin Russo

trinity / by shane

Over-red / by John Spiff

not me / by AndresRamirezGaviria

Creation in Two Genders / by hypnophobiac

bgr / by bernardas bagdanavicius

ExpanD / by NeWaVe

Drive by shooting / by jcator

/ by karinp

pressure / by Anne Wolfius

FLAG / by mba

war, nobody wins / by jcator

4711 + 1/2 / by Anne Wolfius

your turn will come / by babel

rendez-vous / by jeanne verdoux

into the water / by showers

filius filius bonacci / by babel

pushed / by cls

La fiesta eres tú / by gustavo

i am afraid / by isa

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